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Exclusive,elegance and value
Freedom,the beauty of freedom
Performance,the ready to dye
Fancy,design and colour
Thin,the most thin
Eco, sustainability

Our products and industrial plants


We are producer of knitted fabrics  internally made in our textile production unit, equipped with a wide range of machines, different in type, fineness/gauge and technical properties. Our current range of circular knitting  machines has big diameters and  offers almost unlimited possibilities in knitting.

Our productions includes single jersey and double knit, plain or worked, electronic or mechanic jacquard,  transfer jacquard, striped by electronic striper, simple loop and electronic striped loop.

All the fabrics in open width, stretched or not,   may be knitted in gauge 24,28,30,40.

We also produce unique fabrics named “teli con bordo” (continuous Panels with hem and separation-garment lenght), simple, striped and jacquard , offering a product much more similar to the “tricot”, with an higher gauge such as gg.16 and gg.18. 

Over 6.500 products create our textile products’ database which is even bigger if you consider the various types of dyeing and finishing.

Using mostly natural and artificial fibers , sometimes we add synthetic or technical fibers to increase performances features.

Thanks to our experience, history and technical/innovative plants , we are able to analyze , evaluate and quote any specific request.