• EXCLUSIVE, elegance and value

    Brilliant colours, light and elegant fabrics qualify the theme, together with linen pure or in blend and “Crepe”. Reaching immediately the goal of elevating the look with soberness and clean elegance.
  • FREEDOM, the beauty of freedom

    High quality and refined sportswear fabrics realized with mako cottons simple , twisted or gassed. The “ mélange and malfilè”, the “blend linen and mixed ramie” , the “strong” cottons and the spaced patented series “aercor” are all arguments which enforce the highest level and quality in the creation of exclusive and special products with a fashionable and trendy look

    The “ready to dye “ division, is basically supported by more than 50 proposals sell in “stock service” and every season enriched by new fabrics. Most of our cotton fabrics belonging to the other collections’ themes may be used for this purpose too.
  • THIN, the most thin..

    The products made out of very thin yarns by very thin knitting needles, offer an excellent cover-up and consistency with exiguous weights. Belonging to this series are fabrics stretched or not, made out of natural fibers so far as synthetic and artificial fibers. The versatile “Thin” series includes cottons, viscose, micromodal, polyammide and polyester ,which can easily find their applications within underwear, shapewear, performance/technical sportswear and fashion garments.
  • FANCY, design and colour...

    Catchy and intense patterns in look and colours, netlike fabrics from various dimensions, optical colored , multicolor striped by electronic striper, “teli con bordo” continuous panel with hem and separation, jacquard and embossed openwork and transparent fabrics in various and different patterns
  • ECO, organic cotton and recycled mixed

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